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The Basics
NAME. Наталья Романова / Natasha Romanov 1
A.K.A. Black Widow
DOB/AGE. c. 1928, eighty-nine.2
HAIR/EYE. Auburn / blue
HEIGHT/WEIGHT. 5′7″, 135lbs
CANON POINT. c. Secret Empire #2
First Impressions

APPEARANCE. Natasha's a knockout. Deep red hair and unbroken porcelain skin to match, a dancer's physique with long, lean lines— the text is constantly reminding you of how attractive she is, because the text is kinda gross sometimes. Natasha isn't physically imposing, and she probably prefers not to be. But there is an innate grace and ruthless economy to her physical actions.

Wardrobe-wise, she favors simple, classic silhouettes and neutral colors. Natasha really likes trenchcoats.

VISUAL. one, two

LANGUAGE. Natasha is a native Russian speaker but defaults to General American, with a tendency towards formal syntax— she can affect a Russian accent but only does this when she feels like it. She also speaks whatever language the plot demands, because comic books.

Skills and Abilities

FIGHTING SKILLS. Natasha is a formidable martial artist, as well as an expert markswoman and Olympic-caliber gymnast. This is not particularly impressive in her universe and she usually has a hard time punching her way out of problems, but it does mean she can beat most people up.

SPY SKILLS. Basically if you can think of something vaguely related to the espionage genre chances are Natasha can do it. Breaking and entering, being charming at dinner parties, industrial sabotage, sneaking around in vents, wearing unrealistically convincing facemasks, check check and check.

COMPUTER SKILLS. Natasha is no technology whiz by the scrap cave standards of her universe, but she has a very specific familiarity with electronic security systems. She has played Avengers Oracle on more than one occasion, designed her own microchip communication devices, and hacked past her own considerable SHIELD clearance.

MYSTERIOUS COMIC BOOK SERUM. Natasha has been the recipient of one of many Soviet stabs at better living through chemistry. It has slowed her aging to a crawl, the other side-effects are hazy and seem to shift from writer to writer. I think she works best as non-super powered so that's how I play her.

1. Natasha Romanov is an anglicization of the Russian name Наталья Романова. In Russian, family names take grammatical gender, hence -ова instead of -ов; it is not uncommon to use the masculine form when translating names to English. Наталья is sometimes transliterated as Natalia, and Наташа, or Natasha, is a common diminutive or nickname, like Bob is for Robert. Other variants include “Natasha Romanoff” or “Natalia Romanova” — it's all the same name, translated slightly differently. For more information see this post.

2. Physically, vague late twenties.