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Leave starters for threads here. Images, scenarios, action threads, &c.

CANON POINT: c. Secret Empire #2, but this is negotiable. I'm up-to-date with Natasha's canon and also fluent with her older stuff, so just specify if you want to play c. Daredevil v1 #99 or whatever.

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idek let me know if this doesn't work!!

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tags this six months late, with starbucks

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[ Covert ops and wetwork were something The Facility had drilled into her, but Laura had little finesse. She's a sharp blade, but one crudely made, a weapon made to thrust with no skill. Laura knows how to kill, but when it comes to making her own choices... She, still, has her doubts about whether this is something she can do. Her work with Natasha is a challenge, but it's a challenge Laura likes. Natasha had been correct: It's not so bad, being useful.

Laura is leaning against the wall, head tilted, ear pointed towards the floors above, listening. She hears the men Natasha speaks of, listens to their footsteps as they pace back and forth through the rooms, the soft murmur of their conversation. It's banal — they're making small talk about their lives, nothing Laura needs to pay attention to and so she ignores what they're saying in favor of where they are in the room. She glances up when Natasha speaks, doubt suddenly crossing her features, although it doesn't stay there long. This is her mission — this is her test. Natasha will defer to her in this, and it makes Laura nervous but also determined. She knows what will happen to that woman if they fail.

Laura does not want to fail.

It takes her a moment to answer as she listens to the footsteps again. ]
They're pacing the room, patrolling... [ She trails off, thinking, and her gaze grows sharp at Natasha. ] They're expecting something. We need a distraction.
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[ Laura considers, weighing the risks, the pros and the cons. A coincidental distraction would be good, but not controlled. There's a chance the kidnappers wouldn't budge — a slim one, but a chance. ]

I think it should be you. [ She says, after a moment. ] It's riskier, but more controlled. I know how you work. You will be fine.

[ Laura says it assuredly; it would take a lot more than mooks to kill the Black Widow. ]
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idk some universe where ava is in the 616

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